Aug 5, 2013

A Little Gingham, A Black Maxi & My Fave Aztec Shorts

I don't know about you but I love a good gingham shirt! I just recently added more to my collection! Here are a couple of ways that I styled mine...



Sira & Mara Bracelets


Old Navy Green Gingham (option)
Necklace via VeryJane

On Sunday I had lunch with my parents, my sister and her little family. Much to my surprise, my sister showed up in the same black maxi dress that I was wearing! We may not look alike but we sure do think alike! Here is how I styled mine...



Not too long ago, Ann Taylor Loft had a 60% off sale on items that were already on sale! I scored these Aztec shorts (which I had been eyeing for a while but could not justify paying full price) for about $20! They are by far my fave shorts! I decided to add my new bangle from Premier Designs Jewelry to my arm party!  I love the pop of color that it adds! Of course, I can't forget the grape slush that I was enjoying! It seems to have become a summer staple lately!

Loft Shorts (currently on sale + an extra 50% off)
Loft Tee (option)


In other news, me and my mom took my nephew to get froyo this past week. I love froyo and would choose it over ice cream any day! While we were there, my nephew sat in the high chair until he finished his and then he wanted to try out all the other chairs. He is too cute!


Lastly, I have to share the cookies that I made over the weekend but before you get to excited these were the slice and bake kind, lol! Yes, I took the easy way out! Hope everyone has a sweet week!