Jul 21, 2013

Summer Dresses


These hot summer days in the south are almost unbearable! Lightweight dresses are a great way to stay cool in these scorching temps! Here are a couple of my fave dresses for the summer!



Olivia Bib Necklace (purchased via eBay)
Pave Cross Bracelet / Spike Bracelet / J Crew Leopard Bangle via eBay

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore and love my handsome nephew! My sister had to go out of town this past week and since her husband has to be to work way early, the grandparents and I got the honor of looking after this little man! He enjoyed playing in the sprinkler and taking a dip in his pool (he thought his lawnmower would enjoy it too!) 


On another note, I had to make an early morning Saturday trip to Target for some necessities so Starbucks was definitely a must have!


Oh, and if you don't know right now Starbucks is giving out their treat receipts until Aug 18! If you show your receipt from your same day purchase, you can enjoy a $2 grande cold beverage after 2 pm! I've already taken advantage of this and tried their new Valencia Orange Refresher. Can you say DELISH! Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has an even greater week!


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